10 Ways To Make Your Home Cosy

Ten ways to make your home cosy

With the temperature dropping, the dark nights and miserable weather lately more people want to stay inside their home. VillaMia has put together 10 top tips to make your home cosy…

  1. Photos of family and friends – Place photos of your loved ones around your home to add an instant sense of familiarity. You could also create a feature wall to give a focal point for visitors.
  2. Pleasant aromas – The atmosphere in your home is undoubtedly enhanced by the addition of scents. Add candles or fragranced oils to your living room to create a sense of warmth during colder evenings, or burn incense after cooking to reduce any strong smells in the kitchen. You could also use plug ins if you want something more convenient.
  3. Lamps – Adding a lamp to your bedroom or living room is a great way to make the room feel more homely and less overbearing than a standard light, especially if you enjoy reading before bed.
  4. Create a reading space – On a similar note, if you are an avid reader and enjoy re-organising your living area, you could always have a go at creating your own reading corner to get lost in a good book when the mood takes you. Even a chair with a shawl on a terrace can enhance the atmosphere.
  5. Rugs and blankets – Adding a throw to the bottom of your bed, aside from the obvious factor of keeping you warmer in the night, also is a great way to make your room feel comfier and more stylish. You could also add a blanket to a sofa to change the appearance of a room. If you are renting, often a sofa in your lounge isn’t your personal choice so a throw and some cushions is a perfect way to make it your own. Rugs will make the room warmer and much nicer to walk across rather than cold tiled floors.
  6. Up-cycling – Several members of staff have taken to ‘up-cycling’ by transforming old furniture to give it new life. Have a look on sites such as Javea Connect to buy second-hand and even to find people who can do it for you. If you have moved in to rented property obviously make sure that your landlord is happy for you to do this if you are doing this to their furniture!
  7. Add some paint – Make sure to choose colours that match well with other items and pieces of furniture. If you are renting, some landlords may want you to paint it back but this is not as hard as you think and you will need to get approval beforehand.
  8. Keep your home warm – Although we all know that Javea has great weather, it does get cold in the winter evenings and this can affect the mood indoors. Adding electric heaters and blankets is a simple way to combat this, or you could also add in an electric log burner if you have the space. Just take care to prevent mould with the gas heaters by ensuring that your home is well ventilated. Also make sure to use a draft excluder – this will combat the unpleasant breeze you can experience during colder evenings and also save you money on bills.
  9. Keep it clean and tidy – ‘Tidy home, tidy mind’ is a statement I’ve heard several times and certainly rings true in my family. Keeping your home tidy is a simple way to keep it feeling cosy and best of all, it costs nothing apart from 10-15 minutes of your time a day to stay on top of everything. If you feel that you are too busy with family responsibilities, you could make it into a family ‘event’ to spend half an hour every few days cleaning a space between you. Or you could always hire a cleaner for an average 10 euros per hour.
  10. Love the items you own – Somewhat contrastingly, that’s not to say that you should de-clutter and get rid of every non-essential item around the house. Keeping a few sentimental items on display is a nice way to add a personal touch to your living environment. Even small touches like adding fridge magnets can make you feel at home. There’s nothing wrong with boxing up the landlord’s pictures and ornaments – just make sure that you put them back at the end of the rental contract.

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