Preventorio – Our Return After The School Holidays 2017

At out last meeting, the CBBA raised 250 Euros for the Preventorio children’s home in Gandia. The money raised was to help buy birthday presents for the children over the coming months. Silvia Barnish visited last Thursday the 28th September and below is her article and photos.

“Yesterday saw the return visit since the holidays to the Preventorio children’s home. We went up with the car loaded full to the brim with donations of clothes toys and lots of birthday presents for all the August/September birthdays.

There was so much excitement and children so happy to see us you do forget for a moment how difficult things really are there. I am so aware of the shortage of funds but this year we really have nothing.

The generator that cools the walk in fridge gave up after running for 14 years. It had to be replaced at the beginning of September before the children went back to school and there was no money available so some staff gave up their wages to help pay for a new one, a cost of €3,500.

This is just one of the issues they had so I need to find a way to refill the pot that helps keep the children’s home afloat. We desperately need your help with ideas and fund raising.

However, back to the birthdays. This visit we had 13 children with birthdays to celebrate. We just managed with the funds we had to cover these birthdays but only have 80 Euros left for the rest of the year! Birthday cakes were once again supplied by Julie Borthwick from the local Javea Baptist Church. Plenty of singing, laughter and excitement, it was so good to see and hear.

If anyone reading this article wishes to make a donation and sponsor a birthday gift (max 20 Euros per gift) please contact Silvia at or pay direct into the Bay Radio Charity Account with reference of “Birthday Gift” this will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your support, please see below photos of my recent visit to the Preventorio.!