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Type of Business

Pool Maintenance Services

Service Overview

There are three main areas to the business:-

  1. PH+ Pool Maintenance Service
  2. PH+ Pool Plant Training
  3. PH+ Pool Cleaning Service

Your swimming pool or spa is probably one of your more significant investments and should of course be maintained and serviced properly and regularly to ensure that you get the maximum pleasure from your purchase. Regular maintenance of your swimming pool and all its equipment will increase its lifespan. This will save you money in the long term, avoiding costly repair bills.

PHILIP HELME has been trained by the institute of baths and recreation management(IBRM) as a pool plant technician and operator, and has gained many years experience working in the UK and overseas in the industry of leisure management. PH+ pool maintenance services is a fully registered and legal business and was set up a number of years ago in Pego.

Area Covered

Costa Blanca North

Services Include

  • Pool plant operator training (IBRM) half day covering practical and theory of your swimming pool system
  • General Pool cleaning
  • Water Test Analysis
  • Replacement of faulty pumps and filters
  • Replacement of Pool skimmers
  • Replacing the sand in your filter system, or alternatively with “VIBRIO” glass crystals
  • Repairing general water leaks on system
  • Replacing faulty valves and broken pipe work
  • Replacement of broken and missing ceramic tiles
  • Assisting with winterisation programmes
  • Full Pool drain, with power washing and acid cleaning, and full re grouts where necessary
  • Pressure washing and painting of the Pool coronation
  • Installation of pool steps and ladders
  • Replacement of the six way multiport valve
  • Removal and replacement of filters laterals
  • Pool light maintenance
  • Advice on new health & safety legislation

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PH+ Pool Maintenance Services Costa Blanca
Member: PH+ Pool Maintenance Services
: Philip Helme
Mob: +34 656 302 391

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